Where Do Regenerate Cells Come From and Which Are Best

Where Do Regenerate Cells Come From and Which Ones Are The Best in Richardson TX

Clearing Up The Mystery of Regenerate Cell Therapy

If you have done any research online concerning regenerate cell, you have probably gotten some conflicting information.

Let’s try to simplify this information and hopefully help you get a better understanding of where regenerate cell come from and which types of regenerate cell are the best for regenerative medicine.

Types of regenerate cell:

These are derived from the undifferentiated inner mass cells of the human embryo. Here are some facts you need to know:

  • They are illegal in the United States.
  • There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of them.
  • There are some moral issues involved.
  • Embryo is taken before maturity.


These are extracted from the amniotic sac by amniocentesis.

  • They have a large of amount of cellular debris.
  • There is the potential of an allergic response.
  • There are inconsistent concentrations.
  • Regenerate cell counts cannot be verified.
  • No CD34

Human Placenta

These are extracted from the placenta by amniocentesis.

  • These require a surgical procedure. There is also risk of complication and pain as well as increased recovery time.
  • They are not potent or strong enough to make a substantial difference.
  • The procedure is expensive.
  • Dependent upon age and health.


These are a patient’s on regenerate cells derived or collected through surgery. The come from a person’s fat or their bone marrow.

  • Requires a surgical procedure.
  • Risk of complications, pain and long recovery times.
  • Not potent enough to make a difference.
  • The procedure is expensive.
  • Dependent on your age and health.

Umbilical Cord regenerate cells (UCBSC)

These are cells that are derived from donated human umbilical cords. The mothers generally donate them at birth.

  • They are undifferentiated cells – no HLA matching which means there is no danger of adverse or allergic reactions.
  • It’s a simple, fast and safe delivery either through intra-articular injections or by IV infusion.
  • The treatment is customizable to each patient depending on their need.
  • They are extremely potent, robust and consistent.
    Based on accepted medical practices.

As you can see by the comparison given, Umbilical Cord Regenerate Cells are the absolute best for Regenerate Cell Therapy. Let’s look at some other information to support this fact.

Sickness and disease in our bodies are generally the result of 3 things:

  1. Degeneration
  2. Inflammation
  3. Immune Disfunction

The umbilical cord regenerates cells to address these 3 issues.

  • Because the umbilical cord regenerates cells that are immune system-privileged, anyone can be treated.
  • They have the best anti-inflammatory activity.
  • They have immune modulating capacity.
  • Optimum ability to stimulate regeneration.
  • They can also be administered multiple times in uniform dosages that contain high cell counts. This means no invasive surgery or procedures anytime you need treatment.

When administered, regenerate cells double every 28 hours for 65 generations. Your calculator will not go that high. This gives your body a boost in its ability to heal and regenerate itself which is what your body was designed to do.

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