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“Truth is, I was born to be a chiropractor.” Some people are “called” to serve our fellow man in numerous ways. Some are called into ministry. Some into the military. Some even to politics. A small handful are called to heal. Dr. Phipps was called to heal. From before he was born, it was known he would become a chiropractor. “I resisted at first-didn’t want to go to school that long or study that hard, but when God said it was time, I came.”

I Learned First Hand From Some of the Legends of my Profession
Dr. Phipps graduated in 1985, in the Charter Class, from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic, where he earned the Clinical Excellency Award. “My favorite classes were the Chiropractic Philosophy and the Technique classes. Dr. Parker was so highly esteemed in Chiropractic that we were able to draw the best instructors and speakers in the country. I learned first hand from some of the legends in my profession. It was an amazing education.”

I Love My Job!
Dr. Phipps has been in practice for 40 years. “I’ll move the bone; God will do the healing.” Truth is, our Creator built in us the ability to self-regulate and self-heal. Our environment and our circumstances have often prevented this from happening. “My job is to find the problem, fix the problem, and step back and watch the body heal. It is incredible. I love my job!”

Away From Work
Dr. Phipps lives in Richardson. He has a daughter in high school that is involved in band. He enjoys travel, motorcycles, muscle cars, the Dallas area sports, the great outdoors, good food and great friends. He has served the Junior Chamber of Commerce for many years in several leadership rolls, and currently serves on the Texas Jaycees International Senate Board of Directors as Chaplain. He was awarded membership in the Junior Chamber International, (a lifetime achievement award) by the Richardson Jaycees in 1995.

Health Comes From Within
“Health comes from within. Eat mostly fruits and veggies, limit red meats and alcohol, be active, get plenty of sleep, have quiet time everyday, love more and hate less, dance like nobody is watching, and always look for the silver lining. Hydrate! We are mostly water and must replenish it everyday. Vaccinations are greatly overused and in many cases dangerous. I don’t vaccinate my daughter. The nervous system is the most important in the body and must work at 100% to be healthy.”

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