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Could Stem Cells Be Right For You?

Knee Pain Richardson TX


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A stem cell is basically any cell that can replicate and differentiate. This means the cell can not only multiply, it can turn into different types of tissues needed to heal damaged tissue or organs.

Today’s most common knee pain treatments are wildly inconsistent. Have you tried any of these traditional treatments?

  • Ice or Heat Treatments

  • Over The Counter Pain Medications

  • Prescription Pain Meds

  • Anti-inflammatory Meds

  • Balms and Liniments

  • Natural Supplements

  • Therapeutic Massage or Physical

  • Therapy

  • Range of Motion Exercises

  • Braces or Wraps

  • Surgical Procedures

These adult stem cells are undifferentiated dormant cells. This means they will do nothing unless they witness some level of tissue injury. It's tissue injury that turns them on. So, when a person has an injury or a degenerative type problem, the stem cells are drawn to the area of need and stimulate the healing process.


Knee pain sufferers in Richardson are getting long lasting RESULTS with our NON-SURGICAL knee pain relief and repair program. When looking at the knee, we look at the entire process of what the knee does and how other areas of the body affect the knee to find the cause of the knee pain. For example, foot issues, such as a flat arch, can cause the knee to absorb a lot of extra pressure when the foot does not come in contact with the ground properly. A good pair of custom inserts could help with knee pain relief in this case, even if there is no foot pain.

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Meet Dr. David Phipps D.C.

Chiropractor Richardson TX David Phipps

We are devoted to providing access and excellent care in adult stem cell regenerative medicine which will help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions regain their quality of life.

I Learned First Hand From Some of the Legends of my Profession
Dr. Phipps graduated in 1985, in the Charter Class, from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic, where he earned the Clinical Excellency Award. “My favorite classes were the Chiropractic Philosophy and the Technique classes. Dr. Parker was so highly esteemed in Chiropractic that we were able to draw the best instructors and speakers in the country. I learned first hand from some of the legends in my profession. It was an amazing education.

Away From Work
Dr. Phipps lives in Richardson. He has a daughter in high school that is involved in band. He enjoys travel, motorcycles, muscle cars, the Dallas area sports, the great outdoors, good food and great friends. He has served the Junior Chamber of Commerce for many years in several leadership roles, and currently serves on the Texas Jaycees International Senate Board of Directors as Chaplain. He was awarded membership in the Junior Chamber International, (a lifetime achievement award) by the Richardson Jaycees in 1995.

Stem Cell Referral Richardson TX

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Chiropractor Richardson TX David Phipps


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