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Reduce Stress

Ultimately, it is our ability to adapt and respond to stress that determines our overall health.

Physical Stress

Physical stress can range from dressing improperly when it’s cold to not getting enough sleep. Try to avoid over-exertion, repetitive motion, micro-traumas, poor posture, car accidents and other forms of physical stress.

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Chemical Stress

Chemical stress includes everything from taking legal and illegal drugs to carbon monoxide poisoning. Look for ways to improve your nutrition, avoid binge eating and drinking and avoid exposure to pollution and toxins. Unlike the temporary stiffness you might experience from over doing it, chemical stress can add up, creating a cumulative effect.

Emotional Stress

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Deadlines, expectations, procrastination and traffic congestion can be the source of tremendous emotional stress. Fear, grief, anger and frustration take their toll, depressing our immune responses and setting the stage for countless lifestyle-induced diseases.

chiropractic care helps us accommodate stress. That’s why people receive care on an ongoing basis—even if they feel symptom-free.

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