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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Some people raise their eyebrows when they hear about a pregnant woman receiving chiropractic care. What they often don’t understand is that chiropractic care is beneficial to both the mother and to her growing child!

What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Many mothers-to-be who benefit from chiropractic care report easier labor and faster deliveries!

  • Improved functioning of the nervous system helps both the mother and the developing fetus
  • Proper alignment of the pelvis supports the growing uterus and allows maximum room for the baby to grow
  • Proper positioning of the fetus for labor and delivery helps reduce the amount of pain the mother experiences during labor and allows for an easier birth
  • Lower back/pelvic pain due to the weight of the developing fetus is reduced
  • Some common hormonal side effects that result from pregnancy are eliminated

In addition, many chiropractors have been trained to use the Webster Technique, which uses gentle adjustments to help a baby assume the best possible position for a safe delivery. It is generally used when a baby is in a breech position in the uterus. Many women have successfully avoided Caesarian section births because of this technique.

Discuss this, and any other issue related to pregnancy, when you next visit Phipps Chiropractic.

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